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Cancellation Policy


Cancellation Policy

Please note that at least 24 hours notice is required to cancellation/change appointments and classes, otherwise you will be charged in full.

Online bookings

If you book online or through the app, you can cancel/change your appointment by signing into your account at or through the Mindbody app. Please familiarise yourself with the cancellation process when booking.

Other bookings

If you have not booked online or through Mindbody, please cancel/change your appointment by text (07967 638662) or email ([email protected]). Your appointment cancellation/change will be confirmed once you have received a reply confirming the change. If you have not had any acknowledgement within 6 working hours (Monday to Friday 9.00-18.00), your cancellation/change of appointment has not been successful and you must try again, either by the same method, or an alternative method.